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Senior Management


DHSC was founded by former members of the UK armed forces specialising in this highly sensitive area of Conduct after Capture.  They are supported by other military and non military specialists and executives with extensive experience of operating in challenging areas and risk management.

DHSC Consultants


All DHSC consultants who deliver our briefings have an entrenched knowledge in the field of Security and Hostage Awareness, having spent many hours debriefing a copious amount of former hostages. They also have years of experience in delivering this training to a wide range of clients.



DHSC Ltd is complemented by a number of closely linked specialist companies contributing expertise in but not limited to:

  • Information and intelligence.
  • IT security.
  • Maritime security.
  • Personnel and vehicle tracking.
  • Specialised crisis media management.
  • High Risk insurance including K&R.
  • Medical and political repatriation services.
  • Technical survey and electronic counter surveillance.
Note: We are not affiliated with or connected to any other training provider or service provider by similar names. All contact with Dignity Hostage Survival Consultancy Ltd is solely through this website.

What are the grim realities of kidnapping?

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